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Saturday April 20, 2019

NOTICE  The RIDGEWAY OPRY HOUSE   will be closed this Saturday night April 20, 2019 We at the opry hope you will have a great EASTER with your family and friends.


Saturday April 13, 2019

GUEST    ACOUSTIC EDGE   Other Singers and Musicians   Freida Harlow   BUBBA  Bill Gardella Alan Reid   Milton Carroll Joyce Hart John Taylor Wendy Jones Darrell Morris  Mary Dunn   Christine Evans Everlyna Fleming Robert Carroll Lee Humphries Lawrence Forehand Matt Nelson M C / Singer – Johnny Pitchford  Sound Manager – Freida ...


Saturday April 6, 2019

Singers and Musicians Freida Harlow  Faith Achener Alan Reid Milton Carroll   Wendy Jones Bill Gardella John Taylor Joyce Hart   Darrell Morris Christine Evans Mary Dunn Lawrence Forehand  Matt Nelson   Sound Manager – Freida Harlow M C / Singer – Johnny Pitchford  Videographer / Photos – B. Joyce Whittemore