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Saturday November 18, 2017

Guest Band    VIRGINIA CAROLINA BLUEGRASS BAND  Other Musicians & Singers  Freida Harlow  Alan Reid  Betsy Reid Jimmy Bridges Milton Carroll  Matt Nelson  Joyce Hart  Julia Morton   Mary Dunn  Christine Evans  Robert Carroll M C / Vocals – Johnny Pitchford  Sound Manager / Vocals – Freida Harlow   Videographer ...


Saturday November 11, 2017

Special Guest  COUNTY LINE BLUEGRASS BAND with guest singer Crystal Callett Other singers and Guest    A Tribute To Veterans – Richard Minor Walter and Jesse Watts Other Singers & Musicians  Freida Harlow  Jimmy Bridges  Alan Reid  Betsy Reid  Joyce Hart   Milton Carroll  Matt Nelson Red Casper   Julia Morton  Christine ...


Saturday November 4, 2017

Guest Band  BACKYARD BLUEGRASS BAND   Other Singers and Musicians  Freida Harlow   Alan Reid   Betsy Reid  Jimmy Bridges Milton Carroll  Joyce Hart  Everlyna  N.  Fleming  Matt Nelson  Julia Morton  Red Casper   Christine Evans Mary Dunn  Robert Carroll  M C / Singer – Johnny Pitchford  Sound Manager – Freida ...